2018 Conference Schedule

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10:00-11:30 Teach-In with NAPW
11:00-11:30 Pre-Conference Registration & Check-In
11:30-1:30 Pre-Conference Training with OCRJ
12:00-3:00 Registration & Check-In
2:00-3:15 Breakout Session #1
3:30-5:30 Poster Session & Networking Reception
5:45-7:15 Opening Plenary
7:30-9:30 Premiere of RJ Campus Network Documentary


8:00-8:30 Registration & Breakfast
8:30-9:45 Welcome
8:45-9:30 Keynote Address
9:30-9:45 Announcements
10:00-11:15 Breakout Session #2
11:30-12:45 Breakout Session #3
12:45-2:00 Lunch
2:15-3:30 Breakout Session #4
3:45-5:00 Breakout Session #5
5:15-6:30 Closing Speaker & Awards


Keynote Address: Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson

Closing Speaker: Ezra Morales

Below is more information about each of the breakout sessions:

Breakout Session #1: 2:00pm – 3:15pm, 2/23

Panel: The Birth Certificate Barrier: How State Requirements for Updating Gender Markers Compromise the Bodily Autonomy and Family Planning Decisions of TGNBNC Folks

  • Carly Calhoun, SisterLove, Inc.
  • Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, Legal Voice & Surge Reproductive Justice
  • Rebecca Wang, Postive Women’s Network

Panel: Client-Centered Defense for Mothers

  • Kristen Black, Still She Rises, Tulsa
  • Patrice James, Still She Rises, Tulsa
  • Christine Umeh, Still She Rises, Tulsa

Panel: Side By Side: Mental Health Peer Support as a Strategy for Reproductive Justice

  • Christina Carney, Via Hope
  • Darcy Kues, Via Hope
  • Lisa Pous, Safe Austin

Panel: Supporting Ourselves and Each Other: Full Spectrum Care Beyond the Clinic

  • Kebé, SIA Legal Team
  • Amelia Caron, Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective
  • Farah Diaz-Tello, SIA Legal Team
  • Alison Goldsmith, I-ACCESS
  • Bethany Pollock, CHOICES Full Spectrum Doula Collective

Workshop: Transforming Sexuality Education Cultural Competency Guidelines Into Reality

  • Jennifer Driver, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Breakout Session #2: 10:00am – 11:15am, 2/24

Panel: Holding the Pro-Life Movement Accountable

  • Alison Dreith, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri
  • Erin Matson, Reproaction
  • Pamela Merritt, Reproaction

Panel: Unpacking the Maternal Health Crisis: Black Women's Reproductive Justice NOW!

  • Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, National Birth Equity Collaborative
  • Elizabeth Dawes Gay, Black Mamas Matter Alliance
  • Takeallah Rivera, full-spectrum doula & RJ advocate
  • Kimberly Seals Allers

Panel: Teen Access to Abortion: The Failure of Judicial Bypass

  • Amanda Bennett, Jane’s Due Process
  • Jessica Goldberg, If/When/How
  • Steph Kraft Sheley, Missouri Bypass Organization
  • Stephanie Loraine, Central Florida Women's Emergency Fund
  • Blake Patton, Center for Reproductive Rights & Private Practice

Panel: Sex Workers and Reproductive Justice

  • Jade Day, Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • Briq House, Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • Maggie Mayhem, Harm Redux SF

Workshop: Funding the Movement: Strategies for Rapid Response and Reproductive Justice Funding for Red State Activists

  • Zabrina Collazo, Ms. Foundation for Women
  • Naa Hammond, Groundswell Fund
  • Joy Messinger, Third Wave Fund 

Workshop: Sisterhood and Motherhood Without Borders: Decolonizing Our Understanding of Sex and Dating, and Creating a Sense of Belonging Based on Our Lived Experiences

  • Corrine Galvan Gutierrez
  • Kiman Kaur, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah
  • Liz Owens, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah

Workshop: Educate! Faith and Reproductive Justice: An Overview to Educating Clergy & Lay Leaders in Southern Christian Churches

  • Cherisse Scott, SisterReach

Workshop: Fallout from Inaccessibility to Sex Education in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Population

  • LeeAnne Valentine, LifeSexCoach by Lex
Breakout Session #3: 11:30am – 12:45pm, 2/24

Panel: Community Responses to Trauma: Alternatives to Engaging the Police

  • Lakeesha Harris, Women With A Vision
  • Amanda Emily Smith, Women With A Vision
  • Nia Weeks, Women With A Vision

Panel: Living Up to Our Values to Build a Healthier, More Sustainable Movement

  • Amber Garcia, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)
  • Lill Hewko, Surge Reproductive Justice
  • Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Steadfast Strategies
  • Anduwyn Williams, WV FREE
  • Ash Williams, SisterSong: National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Panel: Birth Justice Is Reproductive Justice

  • Dr. Nikia Grayson, CHOICES-Memphis Center for Reproductive Health
  • Kwajelyn Jackson, Black Mamas Matter Alliance 
  • Jennie Joseph, Commonsense Childbirth Inc & The JJ Way
  • Amber Khan, National Advocates for Pregnant Women
  • Pamela Merritt, ReproAction 

Panel: Reproductive Healthcare in the Prison System

  • Justice Andrews, If/When/How at the University of Tulsa College of Law
  • Priya Desai, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice
  • Kate Forest, If/When/How at the University of Tulsa College of Law
  • D'Marria Monday, OSU Tulsa & Still She Rises
  • Violet Rush, If/When/How at the University of Tulsa College of Law

Panel: We Are Not Guaranteed Safety Here: How Immigration Status Impacts Sexual & Reproductive Health Decisions

  • Ireri Lora, ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
  • Alejandra Pablos Espriu, We Testify Abortion Storyteller
  • Layidua Salazar, We Testify Abortion Storyteller
  • Tina Vasquez, Rewire

Panel: Real Local Strategies for Red & Rural Areas

  • Andi Duncan, URGE | United for Reproductive & Gender Equity
  • Taylor Harrison, URGE | United for Reproductive & Gender Equity
  • Lain Littlejohn, URGE | United for Reproductive & Gender Equity
  • Alainna Marincic, URGE | United for Reproductive & Gender Equity
  • Jenny Dodson Mistry, National Institute for Reproductive Health

Workshop: Break the Silence – End Sexual Violence: A Campaign for Community Advocacy and Safe Spaces for Immediate Response

  • Charon Asetoyer, Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center
  • Pam Kingfisher, Shining Waters Consulting
  • Maya Torralba, Anadarko Community Esteem Project

Workshop: Queer/Trans Organizing for a New Generation

  • Ezra Morales, Trans Student Educational Resources

Workshop: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community and Reproductive Justice: Access to Abortion

  • Julie Dalbom, Kentucky Health Justice Network
  • Dawn Moore Schriver, Planned Parenthood of Maryland
  • Meg Sasse Stern, Kentucky Health Justice Network
Breakout Session #4: 2:15pm – 3:30pm, 2/24

Panel: Advancing a Proactive Vision That Centers Reproductive Justice within the Progressive Movement in Red States

  • Priya Desai, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice
  • Kelli Garcia, National Women’s Law Center
  • Angela Steinle, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice

Panel: Chain-Breaking: Creating Bipartisan Coalition Against Perinatal Shackling

  • Rebecca Berry, Black Women’s Health Imperative
  • Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, Legal Voice & Surge Reproductive Justice
  • Mica Williams, New Voices Pittsburgh & Women’s Law Project

Panel: Advocacy Work for Abortion & Reproductive Health Providers

  • Courtney Chambers, Whole Woman’s Health & Shift.
  • Dr. Nikia Grayson, CHOICES-Memphis Center for Reproductive Health
  • Haley Kottler, Trust Women

Panel: SB 4 & Texas: Immigration Is Reproductive Justice

  • Nancy Cárdenas Peña, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
  • Samantha Herrera, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
  • Paula Saldana, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Workshop: Sovereign Bodies: The Spiritual March of Environmental and Food Resource Justice

  • Deb Echo-Hawk, Pawnee See Preservation Project
  • Electa Hare-Redcorn, Pawnee Nation

Workshop: Queering Reproductive Justice

  • Candace Bond-Theriault, National LGBTQ Task Force

Workshop: Engaging Youth & Young Adults in RJ Advocacy

  • Jakiera Stewart, SisterReach
Breakout Session #5: 3:45pm – 5:00pm, 2/24

Panel: Increasing Racial Literacy in the Community

  • Kami Day
  • Jessica Givens
  • Glenn Lane, Heartland Rabbit Rescue

Panel: Bold New Ways Rural State Leaders Are Expanding Contraception Access

  • Charon Asetoyer, Native American Community Board
  • Mary Durden, Ibis Reproductive Health
  • Naomie Germain, Young Women United
  • Keioshiah Peter, Rez Condom Tour

Panel: Birth Justice for Trans Folx

  • Michelle Gilley, Mosaic Midwifery
  • Jes La Bleu, Mosaic Midwifery
  • Liz Langthorn, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Panel: Punishment Is Not The Answer: Using Numerous Strategies Across Multiple Movements to Protect & Advance Human Rights and Dignity

  • Casey Shehi Browning
  • Alexandra Chambers, Healthy and Free Tennessee
  • Kenlissia Jones
  • Samantha Master, Black Mamas Bailout Fund
  • Lynn Paltrow, National Advocates for Pregnant Women
  • Nia Weeks, Women With A Vision

Panel: The WHAT Slipped Off?!: The Truth About Reproductive Coercion

  • Karo Chowning, Oklahomans for Paid Family Leave
  • Maria Mancebo, Oklahoma City County Health Department
  • Mackenzie Masilon, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
  • Vanessa Morrison, Palomar
  • Kylie Shelley

Workshop: Supporting Abortion Storytellers Through Love & Ethical Storytelling

  • Aimee Arrambide, We Testify
  • Kelsea McLain, We Testify
  • Zoraima Pelaez, We Testify

Workshop: سوف نبني جسور : Doing Reproductive Justice Work with Muslim Communities

  • Carly Calhoun, SisterLove Inc.
  • Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, Legal Voice & Surge Reproductive Justice
  • Rebecca Wang, Positive Women’s Network

Workshop: Radical Leisure As Feminist Resistance

  • Candace Bond-Theirault, National LGBTQ Task Force

Workshop: Walking With Our Ancestors: Intersections of Reproductive Justice in Native American Communities

  • Nicolle Gonzalez
  • Apollonia Pena, Matriarch