Take Root Proposal FAQs

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Miriam Yeung speaking at Take Root 2016

Who should apply to be a speaker at Take Root?

Take Root was created to educate people about reproductive justice, with a special emphasis on what it takes to promote reproductive justice in red states.  We believe everyone has a role to play in this and welcome a diverse and intersectional range of voices, especially people working in reproductive health, rights, and justice issues in red states and rural areas; Native people and people of color; and LGBT, queer, trans*, and gender-nonconforming folks.


I’m not from a red state. Can I still apply and/or attend?

We prioritize the voices of people in red states because they have traditionally been underrepresented in the movement, but we also recognize that our analysis can’t be as simple as red state vs. blue state!  Many people in blue or “purple” states are facing similar problems as people in red states. We recognize the interconnectedness of our issues across geographical difference and welcome the perspectives of people across the US and beyond.


I still feel weird about applying because I’m from a heavily resourced place like the Bay Area, New York City, or Washington, DC. What should I do?

In this case, we would encourage you to submit a workshop sharing your skills and resources with those of us who have less access or team up to do a collaborative proposal with someone from a less resourced area.  Or even better: do both!


I’m not interested in speaking, but I know someone else who would be great!  Can I nominate a colleague or friend?

Our application process is not set up to accept nominations, but we encourage you to forward the application to whoever you think you would be interested. Part of the reason why we’ve begun asking for applications is because we think it’s important for people to represent their work in their own words.